Do you know that bluetooth earpieces can increase your risk of dizziness, depression, and more?

Using Bluetooth technology for long periods of time is pretty much the same as baking yourself inside a microwave oven. That is because the two seemingly unrelated technologies leverage the same band of electromagnetic radiation that happens to be harmful to human heath, an article in Waking Times stated.

Various studies have established links between the heavy use of Bluetooth devices and the development of tumors in the brain. Other side effects of excessive exposure include anxiety, defects in newborn children, depression, and problems with sleep.

These health problems can be traced to the electromagnetic emissions of Bluetooth devices. The radiofrequency (RF) of these radiation is the same as the energy used by a microwave oven to heat food.

Other devices that also use this RF energy include cell phones and wireless WiFi. No matter the actual source of the radiation, it has been shown to be dangerous to humans in the long run.

Manufacturers and “experts” insist that Bluetooth is safe. They argue that the devices are limited to low frequency emissions that cannot harm humans.

These assurances are countered by researchers who have warned that there is no such thing as safe levels of RF radiation. There is also nothing safe about attaching a radiation-emitting device like a Bluetooth headset to your ear.

Exposure to Bluetooth radiation is not safe, especially if it’s right next to your head

The Specific Absorption Rates (SAR) is the speed at which the body absorbs radiation. The federal government established maximum levels of SAR for RF radiation, such as the EMF of Bluetooth.

The majority of Bluetooth devices adhere to these standards. The SAR for Bluetooth headsets, for example, is limited to 0.25 Watts/kilogram.

Legal is not the same thing as healthy or safe. The levels of radiation exposure that government regulators will let slide is still very detrimental for human health.

The deceptive thing about Bluetooth emissions is that they are not thermal or ionizing radiation. Bluetooth proponents base their claims of safety on these traits.

However, non-ionizing radiation has been shown by many studies to be harmful in its own way. And their lack of thermal radiation does not mean Bluetooth emissions are free of the negative effects of EMF and microwave radiation.

The footprint of the EMF of a Bluetooth headset might be small compared to a WiFi router. However, it encompasses important organs such as the brain, eyes, and ears by virtue of its proximity. And while the SAR of Bluetooth headsets averages out to a “mere” 0.25 Watts/kilogram, it is more than enough radiation to harm your organs.

The harmful effects of EMF radiation from a Bluetooth headset

The brain is surrounded by a blood-brain barrier. Radiation from cell phones, WiFi, and Bluetooth devices can cause this protective barrier to break down and start leaking. When this happens, your brain becomes more vulnerable to inflammation and infection.

Further effects of excessive exposure to EMF radiation include accelerated skin aging and bacteria mutating into antibiotic-resistant strains. The latter compounds the ongoing crisis concerning superbugs that can shrug off common antibiotic drugs.

Humans are not the only ones affected by EMF exposure. Animals are also vulnerable to radiation, so your pets are at risk, too. And depending on the individual human or the type of animal kept as a pet, the effects may be worse.

These are critical reasons why the federal government needs to update its guidelines on radiation exposure. It has been more than 20 years since those guidelines were laid down. Our health is at risk.

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