Radiation from cellphones increases risk of miscarriage by 50%

WiFi and cellphones have been found to increase a pregnant woman’s risk of suffering a miscarriage by nearly 50 percent, according to researchers from the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in Oakland, California.

Magnetic field (MF) non-ionizing radiation, which is produced by power lines and cell towers, as well as WiFi and cellphones, has been found to be alter genes, putting stress on a pregnant woman’s body and causing miscarriage. Women who are exposed to high levels of MF radiation have a 48 percent increased risk of losing their baby, as compared to mothers who have a low exposure to it. In the United States, 15 to 20 percent of all pregnancies are affected by miscarriage, defined as losing a baby in less than 20 weeks into gestation.

Researchers analyzed 913 pregnant women at various stages of gestation. Some of the participants had experienced at least one miscarriage. All the women carried an EMDEX Lite meter, which measured MF radiation levels and exposure for 24 hours on a regular day, until gestation ended (live birth or miscarriage). The findings of the study revealed that women with the highest exposure of MF radiation had a 48 percent increased risk of miscarrying than pregnant women with lower exposure rates. Among those women who had high-level exposures to MF radiation, 24.2 percent had a miscarriage as compared to the 10.4 percent who had a low exposure. Lead author Dr. De-Kun Li states that miscarriages from MF radiation are independent of whether the woman has experienced a previous miscarriage or not.

Everyone, however, is exposed to MF radiation, and may be one of the main reasons behind cancer development. On the bright side, we can take certain measures to ensure the lowers exposure to MF radiation as possible.

  • Get a low-cost gaussmeter which can measure up to 10 to 20 milligauss (mG, magnetic field units) which are already too high for human exposure.
  • The best way to keep safe is to scan your home regularly to get readings. If the levels are in excess of one mG, find the cause and address issues. These spikes may come from powerling issues, wiring errors, grounding issues, proximity to a motor, transformer, or heat coil, proximity to an electric meter or electrical panel box, on the floor above fluorescent ceiling lights, and electric heat sources.
  • Measure the magnetic fields of electronic devices found in your home. These include hair dryers, electric razors, computers, television sets, microwave ovens, and what not.
  • Change your bed frames to ones without metal parts to avoid direct current magnetic fields.
  • Be cautious about using strong magnets on your body or being near them.
  • Do not put laptops on your stomach, especially if you are pregnant.

There are more ways to limiting your amount of exposure to these harmful waves, but keep in mind that the first and foremost step towards reducing radiation is to lessen the use of Wi-Fi gadgets and cellular phones.

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