Is your cellphone a psychotronic weapon that’s controlling your mind? Some experts think so

Mobile “smartphones” emit a barrage of electrical signals and frequencies that, according to Peter A. Kirby from Waking Times, render such devices as psychotropic weapons capable of both destroying and controlling people’s minds.

It actually comes at us from many sources these days, Kirby says, referring to the pervasive and constant threat of electromagnetic pollution everywhere we go. WiFi routers, cell towers, “smart” appliances, power grids, and more all emit electromagnetic energy pulses that directly interfere with our thoughts, emotions, moods, and even bodily functions, he warns.

As generally opposed to naturally occurring fields of the Earth’s magnetic energy, man-made fields of electromagnetic energy have been found to be generally bad for Humans,” Kirby writes. “A preponderance of the best evidence suggests that they cause cancer. If this wasn’t bad enough for city dwellers, electromagnetic energy can also be weaponized and may be used against us routinely.”

Cell phone mind control is part of New Manhattan Project

In his book, Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project, Kirby explains how the concept of psychotropic weaponry is nothing new. Electromagnetic energy has long piqued the interest of researchers from NASA, the Navy, the Department of Energy, and many others who’ve tried to harness it as a weapon of warfare.

What they know that most lay-people still don’t is that electromagnetic energy can, and does, influence how humans behave and function. Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) electromagnetic energy is particularly effective, as its frequency range mirrors that of what the brain naturally sends and receives.

“Man-made electromagnetic energy (EM) signals produced and applied in the ELF range can be synchronized to Human brain waves so that the brain becomes ‘entrained,'” Kirby writes.

“The targeted individual’s brain waves are firstly scanned to determine the frequency of the EM his or her brain is currently producing. Then, that same frequency produced by the targeted individual’s brain is produced by the psychotronic weapon and directed at the targeted individual. Once the targeted individual’s brain waves have been synchronized with the EM produced by the psychotronic weapon, the frequency produced by the psychotronic weapon is then gradually altered.”

“Chemtrails” are part of the brainwashing, mind control agenda

If this all sounds a little too far-fetched, consider that the federal government even admits that it conducts “bioelectromagnetics” research, much of which is openly published in respected science journals. Evidence is available for anyone willing to look at it showing that much of our modern gadgetry and other electrical resources are designed to send and receive signals that just so happen to be the same ones sent and received by the human brain.

What this suggests, based on what we know about entrainment, is that such technology has the capacity to be used for evil in reprogramming the entire way humans function and exist. Every thought, action, and feeling could theoretically be dictated invisibly and unassumingly by the electromagnetic pollution that flows all around us constantly.

Even so-called “chemtrails” have an EMF component to them that involves mind control. Research from back in the 1960s, in fact, looked at the “Electrical Phenomena Associated with Aerosols” by sending gas into a chamber occupied by a man. It was an experiment that has parallels to today’s geoengineering programs, which involve spraying particulate matter into the sky to block out the sun and stop global warming.

“The organizations and people responsible for exploiting these frequencies are tapping into the fundamental processes of life itself without our full knowledge or consent,” says Kirby. “That is why this information is so important and this is why people are so resistant to smart meters and WiFi; which play important roles in the smart grid.”

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