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8 triggers for migraines and headaches

Anyone who has ever had a migraine headache knows that they can be the most painful thing they’ve ever experienced. Besides just resulting in excruciating pain, migraines can also cause a pounding in your head, nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light.

In order to avoid getting another one – or to avoid the experience of ever getting one – there are eight triggers that you should avoid as much as possible. As noted by Natural Blaze, in no particular order they are:

  1. Stress: Being under stress – at work, at home or in your personal life – can often be one of the main triggers for migraines. Many things can cause stress – rage, fear, being annoyed, aggravation and frustration are just a few. And while stress is a major cause of tension and migraine headaches, it is often the most poorly managed.


  1. Food: Not many people understand how negatively a poor diet can affect all aspects of your health, including the triggering of major headaches. Tens of millions of Americans don’t really have a good meal until lunchtime or afterward, and even then meals consist largely of fast food or processed foods full of garbage.


  1. Food allergies: If you’re allergic, or sensitive, to some foods, these can serve as triggers for migraines. Thing is, you may be sensitive to certain foods and not yet know it. If you’re getting migraines fairly frequently, this could be one reason why. Eating organic is always a good idea, and if you grow your own food, that’s even better.


  1. Electromagnetic frequencies: A more “modern” cause of migraines is EMFs, or electromagnetic frequencies, as in those that link us to modern communication and personal devices (wireless Internet). Increasing evidence suggests that our modern wired world is harmful to our health.


  1. Physical activity: A lack of physical activity has all sorts of negative health effects including higher blood sugars, obesity and heart disease. But in terms of migraines, even an excess of activity can cause them. Runners, for instance, who put in more 5-10 miles a day can be more susceptible to migraines.


  1. Excessive sex: Well, this might not be something you want to hear, too much sex – especially for men – can mean a higher chance of migraines. Because semen production takes a great deal of bodily resources to create, overdoing ejaculation can lead to a deficit of important vitamins and nutrients, thus causing migraines. Who knew, right guys?


  1. Working too much: Let’s face it, we need some down time from work. As humans, putting too much time in at the office or on the job means we have less time for ourselves, which is important to our mental health. Take some time off.


  1. Toxins: Today more than at any time in the history of the planet we are exposed to chemicals and toxins – in our environment, our drinking water and our foods. These combine to heighten our chances for getting migraines.


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